Update 0.1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of a major update 0.1.2 along with the release of game patch 1.21. You can find a detailed list of names below.


Major changes
Base Building

  • Added 6 buildings (3 hero and 3 bandit)
  • Added new materials for construction: Bricks, Concrete, Glass
  • Added new types of locks: 6-digit combination lock, Key lock, Electronic combination lock
  • You can learn more about new construction on the wiki or in this video

Sleeping System

  • The sleeping system has been updated to version 3.2. At the moment this is the most stable version and we hope that it will last the entire wipe without any critical errors

Humanity System

  • The humanity system has been updated to version 2.0

Trade Zones

  • Traders now sell “Consumables”. These are items that can be easily found in large quantities. Also, merchants no longer buy these items.


  • Added UAZ-469 and UAZ-31514
  • The Hamer wrecks were replaced by the new UAZ wrecks

Other changes
Base Building

  • Restriction on construction in cities
  • Vanilla construction now uses scrap metal instead of vanilla metal sheets


  • Changed the texture and UI of the ATM


  • Updated vehicle glass textures
  • Rebalance of transport stats

Humanity System

  • Changed the texture and UI of the clock
  • You will now receive karma for killing with grenades and vehicles
  • You will now receive karma depending on the faction of the player you interact with
  • Added new actions for which you can gain/lose karma
  • Karma is again awarded for sleeping players
    You can find out more about the new changes to the Humanity System on the wiki

Trade Zones

  • Changed trade UI
  • The Weapons Traders were united. Previously, Hero Weapon Trader sold/bought only NATO weapons, and Bandit sold/bought Warsaw Pact weapons
  • Price rebalance
  • Changed the textures of the hero trader’s basement

Sleeping System

  • Weapons no longer disappear when crashed or kicked out of the game, but instead fall to the ground
  • Fixed localization of the notification about leaving the game with an item in your hands
  • Fixed errors that could occur during a server crash related to player spawning

Humanity System

  • Fixed a bug where a new player’s base karma value was not specified


  • Reinforced door crafts have been fixed and no longer cause critical errors
  • Destroyed wheels no longer cause critical errors
  • Changed the amount of health for all types of wheels
  • Fixed errors in battery indication in UI

Trade Zones

  • Fixed localization of notification about loaded cartridges in weapons

Other changes and fixes that we didn’t write about 🙂