Important news about Sleeping System

The Sleeping System has been re-enabled.

What does this mean for now? The server was not wiped (and will not be until Update 1.1 in May), only the third variation of the slipping system was enabled. At the moment, this is again testing this system, but with small (or large) changes. At the moment, the sleeping system will not have any effect on your karma and other “stats” – if you killed a sleeping bandit, he will not lose you any stats and you will not get any stats from killing him. This will be added in the 1.1 update, because at the moment, karma has already been redone for the 1.1 update and without a new base building it simply won’t start.

You don’t have to be afraid that someone will find you and kill you. Until you log into the server again, the Sleeping System will not affect you, but after you log into the server at least once, you will be included in the database and your character will begin to remain on the server after leaving.

There are many changes in technical terms, but there is also interesting information for you. Now the Sleeping System saves not only your inventory, but also everything about your character – health, food, illnesses, health points of each individual part of the body, whether your hands are dirty, etc. So now start keeping track of how much food and water you leave the game with. Also, if you have not played 1 minute on the server, you will not be added to the Sleeping System database – your character will simply be deleted (works only for new players). Finally, for those who like to leave the game outside of the map, so that they are not found sleeping – good luck to you 🙂