Update v0.1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of patch 0.1.1 With this update, wipe occurred on all servers. Below you can see the list of changes.


Karma System:

  • Now, when killing a newly spawned player, karma will not be added/subtracted to you.
  • Changed the amount of EXP for actions with other players.
  • Fixed the problem of spaces and special characters in database nicknames.

Trade and Banking:

  • The system has been completely transferred to the database.
  • Now the sold items immediately go to the trader’s “storage”. (Previously a restart was required).

Sleeping System:

  • The system has been completely transferred to the database.
  • Added check with vanilla synchronization. Now you won’t be rolled back for a huge amount of time if the server crashes.

Base Building:

  • Borealis construction has been completely disabled. It will return as soon as it’s major update is ready.
  • Vanilla base building enabled


  • Added motorcycle IZH Planet-5.
  • Added wrecks for cars. Vehicle parts no longer spawn in barns and garages.
  • Changed the model of scrap metal and its size.
  • Barrett and AS50 have been completely removed from the game
  • Added 2 pairs of new pants (+ colours).
  • Added 5 new sights.
  • Reworked Galil ACE.
  • Added combination of bandages, reversal of caps, etc.
  • Added new sky textures.
  • Other changes.